Modular, built in – challenging the modular myths

When we say our homes are modular homes, this is what we mean:

We build in a modern way, in our purpose-built Yorkshire factory using the latest techniques in design, engineering and construction. The homes are then transported and assembled on-site. It ensures that your new home is built more efficiently, sustainably, and faster – from design right through to moving in.

New technologies like ours can be misunderstood. So, we’ve pulled together our guide to answer some of the questions surrounding modular homes.

Have homes been made this way before?

Today’s modular homes are precision-constructed, digitally-modelled developments, built to the highest standards. We’ve brought together teams from hi-tech sectors – including housebuilding, land development, aerospace and automotive – to bring together their expertise in engineering, manufacturing and construction. Our homes are far from old-fashioned; they are the future of housebuilding.

What’s the quality like when compared to a traditional build?

Building to specific dimensions and strict quality standards allows us to set an intricate level of detail and finish. Working in controlled factory conditions means that we can make sure that your new home fits together snugly and precisely on site and all elements are assembled and tested whatever the weather.

Are they built to last?

Our modular homes are robust and solid, and will last just as long as any new-build home. This myth may have come about because, in the mid-20th century, the UK Government built hundreds of thousands of basic, old-style pre-fabricated houses (or ‘prefabs’) to solve the post-war housing crisis. These temporary homes were designed to last for no more than a decade, but lots of them were lived in for many years beyond their intended lifespan.

How sustainable are they to build?

Taking everything into account, modular homes are a more sustainable way to build houses. The environmental impact of each home is lower as they use fewer resources and less waste in the build stage, and we’re able to include high-quality insulation into the fabric of the homes. Our homes are built to exacting sustainability requirements and have an EPC rating of 'A' – an achievement claimed by just 1% of all new properties in England. What’s more, we make sure all the materials used are responsibly sourced and we have complete control over the emissions produced in the process.

Do they have their own distinctive character?

Today’s modular homes all look very different in style, from ultra-contemporary cool developments to traditional designs that blend in with their surrounding neighbourhood. We can finish our buildings in a range of materials including brick, timber, tile and slate to reflect the style of the regions where they’re constructed. And they can be built to suit all kinds of communities, as houses and apartments, for sale or rent.

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